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We are cinematographers, who specializes on aerial shots. Daily we are involved behind the camera to shot industry- or commercial and documentary movies. Thats why we are not only your competent partner who will be fit perfect in your production team, furthermore we offer ground camera, aerial shots and fast tracking shots with our own cam tower system.





We offers professional drone services all over the world. We produce high quality drone videos and photos and can create individual content that fits your needs and the medium you’re presenting it in.

We offer a broad spectrum of services for movie productions, commercials, real-estate. You can always rely on our team of professional cinematographers / cameramen.

We strive for dynamic movement close above ground, we want to chase fast cars or fly perfect circles around motifs. We are a crane, a dolly, a steadycam and a helicopter.  

For the highest requirements our drones can carry almost every camera setup up to 8,4 lbs (3,8kg). Austro Control authorized drone pilot with redundant hexakopter for category C (Austria).


No matter whether the search light of a police helicopter is imitated, or simply a new lighting concept is to be implemented: With the LED drone, there are a lot more possibilities in set lighting. Our LED Moving Drone Light offer direct, very flexible lighting or abstract shadows and lighting effects.
Remote controllable: dimming, flashing and flashing, on, off
We have built a powerful 3KW spotlight from many individual LED modules. All modules together result in a light output of approx. 300,000 lumen! For the short operation (approx. 10 minutes flight time), the LED drone simply replaces the hydraulic ramp. In addition, however, especially the effect of moving lights is the unbeatable profit of the LED drone. 

Wherever the drone can not or should not be used, we can offer professional rigged driving shots. With our rigging accessories we make almost every vehicle a tracking vehicle. With a few simple steps, we can quickly convert the entire gimbal setup (Gremsy H16, Ronin MX) from the drone to the shock absorber (Hybris).Therefore, we offer here effective combinations.For heavier camera setups up to 13.6 kg the DJI Ronin 2 is used.


Our self-built Mini DJI X7 Towercam is designt for small production teams or special operations. With a weight of 2 kg, the camera unit can be rigged very quickly and easily. Here we can shoot with up to 6K DNG RAW (DJI X7 or X5s). We built our own light weight towercam for the X7-Rig (2m movement).

MINI - X7 - Rig
DJI developed with the X7 a very great camera. Unfortunately, DJI is not providing any tool beside the Inspire 2 drone, to use the X7 camera on the ground. That’s why we decide to build our own system for using the DJI X7 camera also for tracking shots. The X7-rig has a weight of about 2,2kg (old version), the new version is just 1,49kg – ready to shoot. This is the smallest remote head in the world, which is able to shoot up to 6K DNG RAW, including changeable lenses.

The classic for driving scenes, we are rigging fixed camera settings in exciting perspectives. From DSLR to high end setups like here e.g. the Alexa Mini.

Curious? We look forward to a job with you. Get in touch with us.

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50.000 - 300.000 LUMEN


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